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Riverside County

Program Development Board

The Program Development Board is responsible for the development and coordination of educational programs, events, activities and training in the county 4-H Youth Development Program.

The Program Development Board Key Leaders are listed below.  If you would like to be on one of the Key Leader's committees, please feel free to contact them - all of us working together will make our program stronger!

4-H Camp: OPEN

Citizenship: Heidi Denney hj_denney@yahoo.com (underscore after hj)

Communications: Ashley Barrett fraxinilucia@gmail.com

Home Arts: Jennifer Lewis mvngexperience@aol.com

Equine: Lynn Warren lynn@showcaseminiatures.com

Large Animal: Sonia Rios sirios@ucanr.edu

Small Animal: Kim Lannier znklanier@msn.com

Science, Engineering & Technology: OPEN

Shooting Sports: OPEN

The Job Descriptions and Application for Key Leaders:

Key Leader Equine

Key Leader Communications

Key Leader Citizenship

Key Leader Home Arts

Key Leader Large Animal

Key Leader Small Animal

Key Leader SET

Key leader Application

 Committee Job Descriptions:

Program Development Committee Job Description Equine

Program Development Committee Job Description Home Arts

Program Development Committee Job Description SET

Program Development Committee Job Description Small Animal (3)

Webmaster Email: nshein@ucdavis.edu