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Claudia P. Diaz Carrasco

4-H Youth Development Advisor
Cooperative Extension Riverside County
2980 Washington Street
Riverside, CA 92504
(951) 683-6491 Ext. 222
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Also in:
San Bernardino County



Diaz Carrasco is currently serving as an Area 4-H Youth Development Advisor,  in California's Inland Region. Claudia's primary focus is to develop, implement, evaluate, strengthen and expand local 4-H programming to better serve currently under-represented populations and places, including Latino and/or low-income youth.

On a contractual basis, Claudia serves as the Region 10 STEAM Consultant for the California Dept. of Education Expanded Learning Division. Diaz also supports the UC Mexico initiative, by providing Mexican partners training and technical assistance which allows them to start 4-H clubs across the border.

Claudia also supports the UC Davis Global Engagement office in the Guatemala Food for Progress implementation. The project sought to address the needs of smallholder producers, mainly through its support for the rebirth of Guatemala’s National Rural Extension System under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA).

On her free time Claudia enjoys volunteering at her local Newman Center and exploring the outdoors. She workouts regularly and occasionally she plays on her church basketball league to remember her times as college athlete in Mexico's first division tournaments. 



M. Ag. International Agriculture, Oklahoma State University. 2014


  • Diversity and Inclusion: Expanding the 4-H Audience Team Award
    Presented by National Association of Extension 4-H Agents,  2021

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