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CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE Nutrition Education Program

Promoting healthy people and communities

CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE works at the intersection of individual and community health - offering the latest UC evidence-based information, talented local educators, and an uncompromising commitment to quality in community service.

CalFresh Healthy Living Program is a federally-funded nutrition education program for individuals and families participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as CalFresh in California. CalFresh Healthy Living, UC State Office is located at the University of California Davis, and the program is delivered through UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) in 34 counties.

CFHL, UCCE Riverside County serves families and youth in schools with more than 50% student participation in the Free/Reduced Meals Program. We also collaborate with local agencies serving limited-resource families such as CalFresh offices.

What Does CalFresh Healthy Living Do?

Educate - Increase nutrition and physical activity knowledge, skills, and practice

-Effective, evidence-based nutrition education for youth, adults, seniors and families 
-Offering a comprehensive, preventative approach to health 
-Classes offered primarily in Spanish and English, with Chinese and Hmong classes offered in select locations

Partner – Encourage state and local partnerships in support of shared goals

-Strategically aligned partnerships help strengthen the food system for low-resource communities
-We partner with government and non-governmental agencies, local stakeholders, and community leaders to create further impact and generate sustainable results

 Build Capacity - Advance local priorities through training and technical assistance

-Curricula training for “extenders” (teachers, after school staff, community members)
-Leadership development for youth
-Fostering a network of local health advocates

 Transform  Act as a catalyst for healthy lifestyle change

-Working with communities to seek healthy lifestyle solutions that are sustainable, transformative, inclusive and grass roots driven

Learn More: https://uccalfresh.ucdavis.edu/

CFHL, UCCE Brings Healthy Living to Ethnic Communities

The CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE Riverside team works with ethnic communities to transform their environment by establishing and maintaining community gardens. 

  • CFHL, UCCE Riverside Brings Healthy Living to Ethnic Communities
    CFHL, UCCE Riverside Brings Healthy Living to Ethnic Communities

    The CalFresh Healthy Living Program at UC Cooperative Extension is working with ethnic communities to transform their environment by implementing a community garden. Adults and minors dug and planted seeds and various vegetable plants in this community garden in Riverside's popular Latino neighborhood.

Youth Program

Youth CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE partners with teacher extender and train them to deliver lessons and activities to help youth make more healthful eating and fitness choices.

For more information about preschool and elementary curricula contact Esmeralda Nunez at (760) 342-6437, eannunez@ucanr.edu

For more information regarding curricula for middle and high school contact Jackie Barahona at (951) 683-6491, jbarahona@ucanr.edu.


Adult Program

CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE classes for adult participants are delivered as a single workshop or a series of 4-5 lessons.

The Plan, Shop, Save, Cook (PSSC) series covers the following topics: MyPlate, meal planning, food labels, food shopping, and cooking a meal/food safety.

The single workshop topics include Rethink Your Drink, Keeping Strong Bones, Breakfast, Whole grains, Physical Activity, and garden-based lessons.

For more information contact Riverside CFHL, UCCE Nutrition Education Program at (951) 683-6491.

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CFHL, UCCE Riverside Team:

Our staff of professionals bring a significant depth and breadth of food and nutrition experience and education to the program. We act as a vital bridge between the UC academic system and our local communities, tailoring the latest science, curriculum, and information to the needs, cultures, and languages of our communities.
Team pic before Life Lab training 06.15.22
Claudia Carlos (951) 683-6491, cfcarlos@ucanr.edu
Jackie Barahona (951) 683-6491, jbarahona@ucanr.edu 
Esmeralda Nunez (760) 342-6437, eannunez@ucanr.edu