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Desert Ag-Notes

Information related to vegetable crop production. Includes information on insects, diseases and current educational seminars.

Issues Articles Type Date Added
January 2006 2005 Coachella Valley Vegetable Disease Review Nematode Workshop Coachella Valley Farmers Meetings Draft Schedule Sabbatical Leave PDF 5/24/11
April 2005 Agricultural Commissioners' Office reports covering 1994-2003 for Coachella Valley vegetables. 2005 Coachella Valley Farmers Meeting Schedule and Specialty Organic Crops Seminar. PDF 12/12/08
February 2005 2004 Coachella Valley Vegetable Disease Review Coachella Valley Farmers Educational Meeting Calendar for 2005! PDF 5/24/11
September 2004 Weed Management Systems For Lettuce Marketing Alternatives And Niches PDF 11/14/08
July 2004 2003 Coachella Valley Vegetable Disease Review PDF 5/24/11
July 2003 2001-2002 Coachella Valley Vegetable Disease Review, 2003 Coachella Valley Farmers Educational Seminars PDF 5/24/11
Jan 2003 2002 Squash Variety Trial, 3rd Soil Health Symposium, Exotic Newcastle Disease, Cucurbit Workshop PDF 5/24/11