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Garden Views

Published monthly by Riverside County Master Gardeners, this news magazine features horticultural research, gardening events, and other information important to Riverside County gardeners.

Issues Articles Type Date Added
March 2011 Newsletter DOCX 3/23/11
November Issue 2009 UCR Botanic Garden Plant Sale, A trip to Gilroy, The Pumpkin Queen, All-Stars coming to the JMCC PDF 11/2/09
October 2009 Garden Views Kick=Off Pot Luck, Blue Zones, and new Master Gardener trainee shares her first vounteer activities PDF 10/1/09
September 2009 Garden Views Message from Walt, our new MG Advisory Board Chair, more on Mustard and a book review: 'Cool Plants for Hot Gardens' PDF 9/11/09
Word Find puzzle for June 2009 Answer Grid PDF 6/1/09
June 2009 Garden Views Lilies, Mustard and the Ambrosia Beetle PDF 6/1/09
May Newsletter 2009 Lillies Part 2, Llama Gold, Tucson in the Springtime PDF 5/6/09
Garden Views April 2009 JMCC Propagation Garden PDF 4/3/09
November, 2004 A Sense of Place, Glass Flowers, A Shot of Bourbon in the Landscape PDF 5/24/11
October, 2004 Beavertail Cactus, Online Gardening Resources, First Sundial Award PDF 5/24/11
September, 2004 Seedless Watermelons, Graduation Ceremonies, West Nile Virus Hotline and more PDF 5/24/11
June, 2004 Vegetable Gardening in Limited Space PDF 2/10/10
May, 2004 Mycorrhizae: The Good Fungi PDF 5/24/11
April, 2004 Garden Photo Tips! PDF 5/24/11
March, 2004 Father of American Horticulture; Lotusland PDF 5/24/11
Garden Tour Ideas Information regarding Southern California gardens from the desert to Santa Catalina Islands. PDF 11/9/09
Battle Bears Fruit Gopher Extermination PDF 5/24/11