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Etaferahu Takele , M.S.; M.A

Area Advisor Farm Management/Agricultural Economics
UC Cooperative Extension - San Bernardino County
21150 Box Springs Road, Ste 202
Moreno Valley, CA 92557-8718
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Also in:
Ventura County
San Luis Obispo County
San Diego County
Riverside County


Extension and research programs are in production economics, financial analysis and investment analysis for crop production in southern California. Research programs have included (i) analyzing new crops economics and potential profitability using cost of production and marketing analyses (ii) Comparing alternative production practices analyzing profitability, and extension (iii) selecting optimum input combination from alternative production practices. Previous work also included analysis of the optimum irrigation levels under various water cost situations, evaluated the economic feasibility of non-traditional inputs such as mulch and sludge in crop production for purpose of developing environmentally suitable use for them. Extension programs have emphasized on profitable enterprise selection, financial and risk management.  Specific programs also include assisting small farms and minority clientele in identifying high return new and specialty crops.  Program emphasizes a multidisciplinary team approach involving several scientists and economists within the UC as well as integrates with other states such as the Western Region Risk Management Program.


Leadership, California Agricultural Leadership Foundation. 2008
M.A Economics, University of California Riverside. 1994
M.S Agricultural Economics, North Dakota State. 1980



Ag Economics


Area Advisor - Farm Management /Agricultural Economics - Production economics, decision-making at the farm level, integrated input management, risk managementSubtropical Fruit Crops (Citrus, Avocados) Vegetable crops, Field CropsRiverside, San Diego, San Bernardino, Imperial, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Los Angles, Orange and Ventura.

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Peer Reviewed

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Non-Peer Reviewed

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