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Assistance to Southeast Asian Strawberry Growers

The Issue

In the early 1990s, several Southeast Asian immigrants began planting strawberries in Sacramento County. They had very limited experience in farming, particularly with pest management, and they frequently lost entire crops to pests. They needed information, as did other Southeast Asian growers who joined them. There are currently about 40 Southeast Asian growers in Sacramento County.

What Has ANR Done?

In 1996, UCCE horticulture advisor Chuck Ingels began working closely with the growers, conducting research and holding one or two meetings per year. We received a grant to provide each grower with a hand lens, an Integrated Pest Management manual and other useful information. We also encouraged the TV program “California Heartland” to film a segment on strawberry farming in Sacramento County, which they did in 2002. Several newspaper and magazine articles were written featuring these growers.

The Payoff

Growers Using Safer and More Effective Practices

Through our efforts, these growers are using safer and more effective production and pest management practices, and have received media attention to attract more customers. Growers are now able to identify and control key pests such as spider mites and worms. They frequently use UCCE as a resource for production questions.


Supporting Unit: Sacramento County

Chuck Ingels, farm advisor, UCCE Sacramento County
4145 Branch Center Rd., Sacramento, CA 95827-3898
(916) 875-6913 caingels@ucdavis.edu