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Food Industry Referral Guides help California food processors and producers

The Issue

Small and large food processors, and entrepreneurs thinking about producing a food product, need similar information and services. Fruit and vegetable products specialist Diane Barrett saw the value in consolidating and centralizing information for processors and producers.

What Has ANR Done?

Barrett created a database (http://fruitandvegetable.ucdavis.edu) of companies that provide goods, services, and consulting to the California and U.S. food industry. She developed 16 searchable categories in this Food Industry Referral Guides database.

Food safety microbiologist Linda Harris keeps the Food Industry Referral Guides on her site (http://ucfoodsafety.ucdavis.edu), tailored to food safety clientele, with an additional category of "Low-moisture food pasteurization." These databases provide the California food industry instant access to current information.

The up-to-date referral guides cover these topics: aseptic processing, cold storage, consultants, co-packers, dehydrators, HACCP, ingredients, lab analysis, lab equipment, low-moisture food pasteurization (food safety website), nutritional labeling, packaging containers, packaging equipment, processing equipment, product development/sensory, sanitation, and training/continuing education.

The Payoff

Processing industry gains instantaneous access

Food industry clientele find the guides an easy and quick way to search directly and identify local resources. This is a tremendous time-saver for Barrett and for the clients. The website also includes information on Barrett’s extension short courses and applied research program. Site traffic is approximately 500 to 800 visitors weekly in 2011.

Domestic and international food science communities use the referral guides, resulting in an increased awareness of the expertise available through the University of California.


Diane M. Barrett, Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Department of Food Science and Technology, UC Davis; (530) 752-4800; dmbarrett@ucdavis.edu

Zann Gates, Program Representative, Department of Food Science and Technology, UC Davis; (530) 752-5901; zgates@ucdavis.edu