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Master Gardener Composting Workshops Reduce Municipal Waste

The Issue

State legislation required cities and counties in California to reduce the amount of solid waste going to landfills 25% by 1995 and 50% by 2000. In response, the City of Napa initiated a yardwaste prevention program to divert solid waste from landfills by encouraging home composting, among other measures.

What Has ANR Done?

Napa County UC Master Gardeners have conducted several composting workshops each year. Held in conjunction with the City of Napa and our local waste management company, these sessions have encouraged and taught county residents to compost at home. More than 2,000 compost bins have been distributed and proper composting methods explained. Since the inception of the program in 1997, a total of 59 workshops have been held, reaching approximately 2,600 households.

The Payoff

Home composting reduces load on landfills

According to the California Integrated Waste Managment Board, a typical California household can reduce its amount of organic waste by an average of 850 pounds with home composting. A recent survey indicated that nearly 80% of the compost bins distributed during the Master Gardener composting workshops are still in use. This means that over 840 tons of solid waste are being diverted from the waste stream each year, thanks to this yardwaste prevention program.

Clientele Testimonial

"The Master Gardeners have been an integral part of our efforts towards waste reduction. Their educational compost workshops continue to be well attended and are loaded with information. The high rate of home composting indicated by our survey attests to the success of their efforts."

Kevin Miller, City of Napa Waste Reduction Coordinator


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