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UC IPM guidelines for strawberries in Spanish

The Issue

More than 50 percent of the strawberry growers in California speak Spanish as their first language. While UCCE outreach through Spanish language meetings, various publications and Spanish speaking academics has been serving these growers for a long time, the UC IPM guidelines for strawberry production were available only in English.

What Has ANR Done?

In 2005, UCCE farm advisor Mark Bolda approached then UC IPM Director Rick Roush about translating the UC IPM guidelines for strawberries into Spanish. Funding was made available for the translation project. Bolda recruited Riesa Bigelow, who worked with industry counterparts Maria Vidauri, Ramon Serrano and David Delgado on the translation. Additionally, the translated guidelines were reviewed by UCCE staff research assistant Maria Martinez and ANR Spanish News and Information Outreach manager Myriam Grajales-Hall.

The guidelines were formatted with numerous color photographs illustrating insects and plant diseases and posted on the Web by UC IPM editor Pauli Galin at: http://ucanr.org/IPMespanol

The pdf format is intended to broaden access to a wide variety of Internet connection formats and computers. Sections of the 70-page publication can be printed out for use by individuals or groups.

The UC IPM guidelines in Spanish, published as Guía para el manejo de las plagas: Fresas, are a complete rendering of the original English UC IPM guidelines. To expand usability of the translated guidelines, many of the unique terms of the agricultural Spanish vocabulary used by California growers are provided alongside their standard Spanish counterpart.

The Payoff

Spanish speaking strawberry growers now have a valuable resource in Spanish

Spanish speaking strawberry growers now have available to them one of the most powerful tools in the sound management of pests: the UC IPM guidelines for strawberries. The Spanish guidelines are available free to anyone with access to a computer.


Mark Bolda, (831) 763-8040, mpbolda@ucdavis.edu