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Management and Program Development Boards

The 4-H Management and Program Development Boards serve Riverside County 4-H by overseeing the management and programs of the county 4-H program. These boards are responsible for the development and coordination of educational programs, events, activities and training in the county 4-H Youth Development Program.

The Directors and Key Leaders are chosen from senior youth members and adult volunteer applicants and filled on a 2 year term basis. 

For the 2018-2019 4-H Year, our Directors are:

Executive Director - Susan Marsh smsmarsh516@gmail.com

Assistant Director - OPEN

Administrative Director - Karissa Derham

Finance Director - Kathryn Elliott kathrynelliott@ca.rr.com

Incentive and Recognition Director - Angeline Baucom chef.angie.sd@gmail.com

Visibility and Public Relations Director - Sheyanne Stewart ennayehs@yahoo.com

Resource Development Director - OPEN

Fair Liaison - Matt Hanks sugarsheep22@hotmail.com

All-Star Advisor - Allison Renck 4hallstarriversidecounty@gmail.com

All-Stars -  Fraser Barrett; Emily Cullins; Ryan Percy; Madeline Secules; Adam Vali; Muhammad Wingate

For the 2018-2019 4-H Year, our Key Leaders are:

Ag Mechanics - Troy Mullen ap781@live.com 

Camp - Devon Bean dcbean123@gmail.com 

Citizenship - Allison Renck 4hallstarriversidecounty@gmail.com

Communications - OPEN

Environmental Education - Nina Houser ninalein@msn.com 

Equine - Sarah Hill theridingacademy@hotmail.com 

Home Arts - Heather Bean sctshbean@aol.com

Large Animal - OPEN

Shooting Sports - OPEN

Small Animal - Betty Mullen ap781@live.com


Job Descriptions for Management Board Directors:

Executive Director

Assistant Executive Director

Administrative Director

Finance Director

Incentives and Recognition Director

Visibility and Public Relations Director

Resource Development Director

Fair Liaison

All Star Advisor Application

Application for Management Board Director

Job Descriptions for Program Development Board Key Leaders:

  Ag Mechanics Key Leader

Camp Key Leader

Citizenship Key Leader

Communications Key Leader

Environmental Education Key Leader

Equine Key Leader

Home Arts Key Leader

Large Animal Key Leader

Shooting Sports Key Leader

Small Animal Key Leader

STEM Key Leader

Application for Program Development Board


Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes